Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Weekend...

Homemade Hummous! Could anything be better? Or healthier!
This was our weekend lunch... homemade Hummous, Tabouleh, Beetroot, and fresh Pita.
I am very fond of this recipe.. both kids love it, and Daddy too of course!
If anyone wants a good hummous recipe, just let me know!

After our yummy lunch and a nap we took the kids out for a walk up Hill Titura. A beautiful spot for simple hiking with toddlers! I apologize in advance for lack of 'pretty' photos! we were only about 10 mins into our walk when the camera died! And we hadnt even got to the incredibly beautiful flower-covered hill yet! I am hoping that the family we hiked with will have a few photos that we can have.

It was such a fun event for the kids and a great way to spend a Tu B'shevat weekend!
Our friends brought along little bird, flower and tree books, which gave the names, types and discription of many kinds of plants and birds found here.

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Doda said...

Yummy! I'd love a good recipe for the hummus ! Nice blog!