Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Handmade Baby" quilt/ duvet outer

Its been a while, but we're still here!
We've had one of those 'everything hits at once' sort of months (2 months actually)! Im sure you all know what those months are like.
And i dont have many new things to show you or share with you, as our camera has been tucked away in its little pouch a lot during this last month. We know however that after any storm comes wonderful calm... we look forward to that! God is good.

I did however manage to make this quilt/duvet outer for baby number 3 this week. I just needed something crafty to put my mind and hands to. And seeing as we were in need of a baby duvet this seemed like the perfect project to begin. Its just a simple one... a no fuss duvet! just the way i like it. But being my first quilt/ duvet i was very happy with how it turned out. I think i should begin a series called... 'handmade baby' haha! i am now onto baby project number 2 and have many other things planned after this...so why not! Its ceratinly a far more economical way to bring new and precious baby items into your home.. and a very rewarding one too.

So... as i go i may show you what i've made so that if you are also expecting or if you know of someone who is you will have a few handmade 'gift' ideas.

Have a great rest of the week!
And again... sorry for the lack of updates and photos!