Sunday, August 17, 2008

He's walking!!!

I dont have any photos to prove it, but our son is now officially a walker! He took his first steps about 2 weeks ago, but only in this last week have we seen him go from being a wobbly 2 stepper to a pro walker. "Yippee" says mummy!! I am EVER so grateful for this new stepping stone in his life... i was actually beginning to dread having two non-walking babies to care for. So Thank you Lord!

well thats all from us. and sorry again that there are no photos (as of yet) to show you all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

water for the grass... and a bath, all in one!

As we are right now going through a terrible water shortage here in the Land, we found a great solution to watering the grass and giving Shalev a bath, all in one... He did a great job! and as we only water our grass every 3 or 4 days (because of the shortage) we were very happy to let him do it for us.
take a look at these cute pics..

Shalev's little corner...

This post is mostly for the granparents to see what Shalev's little play corner looks like, so that you can picture where he is when i tell you that he's playing.
He enjoys 'his little corner' of the house SO much! and i'm glad for it too, as it means that he can make as much mess as he likes and it still isnt in view of guests when they come to visit, and its just SO nice for him to have a little area that he can call his own.
Though in saying this, i do make sure the toys are put away at the end of every day!
He's learning...slowly..


Since being married Dave has SO enjoyed getting stuck into the kitchen and experimenting with all of life's flavoursome goodies. And now, in my opinion, he's became a Chef!!
I am so proud of my hubby!!!
Anyhow.. i just had to post last shabbat's meal on the blog, as it was so scrummy and made by the one I love! Every Shabbat evening we have a special meal as a family... May it always contunie to be this way!! It is the most precious time for us as a family.
So here's Davids delicious grilled fish, alongside it was a beautiful salad and 'mummy's' Challah. (yes that was my imput for the evening!)