Sunday, September 12, 2010


Happy Autumn!
I'm so glad for this new Season to begin... we are all getting just a little tired of the
long and hot Summer days.
This last weekend we turned our clocks back an hour, since then our evenings have been darker earlier and mornings have been brighter but the best part is that they're cooler!

*Big smile*

Over the holiday period of Rosh Hashana we traveled to a few near by parks, reserves and forests. The beauty that sits all around us is just mind boggling! and boy does it feel good getting out into the thick of it.

Here we are at a nearby Reserve with an open pond area;

way to go Dave!

A new era has begun... and an old one has passed.
Dave did it... he finished his job, and he finished well.
He cut the last piece of the chain and danced for joy!!
We celebrated with a few dear friends and greeted in the new days ahead.
Ironically it has just been the Jewish New Year here in Israel so we really do feel like a new beginning is at hand.
What a blessing.
Well done daddy!!