Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gan Garoo (the Australian Zoo)

Yes, we're still in Israel... but enjoyed a visit to an Australian Zoo! cool huh!
We have kangaroo's and koala bears just 45 minutes from our house!

Passover Youth Camp

We can hardly believe that it has been a year already since we were last at this youth camp, amazing how time travels! So yes, we were back in Petah Tikva teaching at the youth camp. We just so enjoyed it, and had a very relaxing time playing on the green fields, eating camp food and just chilling out together.
Here are a few photos of our time there... we were there 2 nights/ 3 days.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Drama...

Dave had an amazing oppurunity of acting come to him this year as he was asked to perform in the childrens festival play this month. It is put together by believers here in the country and is a wonderful show for the children. It was a real blessing for Dave. He enjoys acting and is very good at it, so the Lord really opened a wonderful door for him.

This years show was called "Today as Yesterday". Meaning... taking the present day and comparing it to the days of old..during the Lord's time here on earth. It was very well done and was beautiful to watch. Now we have to wait another 2 years for the next one!


This month has been an incredibly fun but extremely busy one. We've been enjoying the passover holidays as a family and have been out and about most of the time. Over the next few days i'll post a few photos of the things we've been getting up to.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter/ Passover break!

I thought I'd be sneaky and post a few photos of a few cookies i baked and decorated at the beginning of the month. They were for some dear friends of ours.

These ones are Ginger cookies. Yummy recipe!
It was actually my first time decorating cookies so i was sweetly surprised as to how well they turned out.
The icing i used is a winner!
I can give recipies of both the icing and cookies to anyone interested.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pesach (Passover)

Hag Sameach!!
Yes, its that time of year again, its Passover!

Dave and I decided to have a very special but very low-key one this year. We enjoyed a wonderful evening just Dave, the boys and I.
We cooked a no-fuss menu and enjoyed a simple four course meal. We had many laughs!(Shalev has the FUNNIEST sense of humour!! he has us in fits of laughter nowadays.) and just had a cool time being together as a family.
here are a few photos of our Passover evening...

I made these placecards using real matza and simply glued them together using a glue gun.

Our First Course was a light kumara (sweet potato) soup.

Shalev just LOVED the Charoset that Dave cooked up! He ate it literally by the spoonful!!

I prepared a Corriander/tomato/ fish dish for the main. Alongside Couscous. (and a few plates of roasted and caramlized veges)

Shalev thoroughly enjoying himself!!

Searching for and finding the hidden Matza.
A little something that is traditionally done by the children on Passover.

Very proud of his big find!

We bought shalev a couple of small gifts to open, this was one of them, a pack of wild animals.

Here are the famous Coconut Macaroons!
Because there is to be no leven used during the passover these macaroons are a very popular dessert and treat.
Shalev just couldn't wait to get that last chocolate coated strawberry into his mouth!

Kids have HUGE eye's i tell you!!
So Happy Holidays to all of you celebrating and remebering the passing over this year.