Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Handprint Art

One day i awoke with an idea... handprint art! ... As a family.
And now here it is... Our handprints captured forever!!

Winter at home...

During the winter months we tend to spend alot more time indoors than out.
And im completely fine with that!
We still enjoy venturing out to the backyard to enjoy a little sunshine and fresh air.
But mostly we're at home. indoors.
So Ive had time with Shalev to do a good sort out in his play and art corner.
This fantastic toy shelf came from IKEA and was on Sale at a FANTASIC price!!
Shalev and I have been doing a lot of creating, drawing and painting lately.
(At the moment we are borrowing a camera but when we get our own I'll take a few pics of Shalev's latest art and creations.)

Dishes and Tea Parties!

Shalev is our BIG HELPER!!!
He helps me do almost everything now, and his big favourite is doing the dishes!
He's become quite the pro!
And here is Shalev enjoying our Tea Party!

With the winter weather outdoors we often enjoy little indoor tea parties!

Shalev just LOVES it! and has become a huge fan of Camomile Tea, not to mention quite a few others!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Holidays...Happy 2009!

Hi everyone.. we're back online after having had a wonderful break away! I dont seem to find abundance of time anymore to be able to post often, and our camera has completely died which also doesnt help, but whenever i can i'll still try to post a few updates of our family life, esp of the kids. Who by the way are doing just super. Yoav is sleeping right through the night beautifully now so he's now sharing a room with his big brother. Yay!

Shalev is also doing fine, though yesterday fell off his trike as he was going around a corner and fell head first onto the edge of a broken pot! oww!! He's a brave wee boy though.

Dave and I are also doing just super. We've been flat-tack busy, as always, with hosting family and friends, celebrating 8 days of Hanukkah with the kids and with friends, enjoying winter day trips away together as a family, and Dave completing his studies!! Yes, he's a free man now!! Thank the Lord!

Well i dont exactly know yet what photos we have here but i'll choose a few (if we have any at all!). Sorry again about our terrible camera, which has actually now come to its photo-end.

We hosted a Hunnukah meal on the first day of Hanukkah... we celebrated with about 18 dear friends and family!

and this is me (mummy) lighting the candles on the 2nd night of Hanukkah.

Throuhout the 8 days of Hanukkah we allowed shalev to open just one present per day, he SO enjoyed this! and it really helped him appreciate each gift as he recieved it!

Blessings and Happy 2009 from us here in Israel!!