Thursday, March 26, 2009

dressing up...

Over the last few weeks we've been enjoying some extremely funny costumes that both of our boys have been getting dressed up in. Shalev just LOVES dressing up!
So i made them a small dress up corner in their room.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a few more spring crafts!

One afternoon while the kids were down sleeping i got into a very craftie mood, so after a short time of thinking and putting together a small idea in my head, i came up with these iceblock stick coasters! Simply material and iceblock sticks. They're super as gifts!!

...and this is my new teapot! I was in a desperate need of a teapot, and so i went looking. I found this cute one for 40 shekles ($10) at one of the stores in town. I just Love it! And also featured beside my teapot is my newly painted lamp (which was a terrible red colour previously) (yes a cheap makeover) and my bargain tea chest (teapot is sitting on it) which i brought home and painted up! Because i spend so much time in the kitchen i SO enjoy the fun of making it beautiful and practical.
(and i LOVE re-purposing and cheap make-overs!!)My boys and the tea party! Spring Israeli wild flowers!
Simply beautiful!

my first ever bag!

This week i felt a little sewie.. if that makes sense... so i put on my craft hat and began with a bit of material and the sewing machine...and within a few hours (yes it certainly was my first time) i had my very own handbag. (made from part of an old skirt i had bought at the Christchurch market 5 years ago.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rice Bird

Little Bird Project #3...

The Rice Bird
First I drew an outline of a bird onto a piece of calico material.

Shalev then painted it using fabric paint.
Then we hung it up to dry...

I then cut out the shape of the little birdie, and using the sewing machine i sewed it together.

we added rice...
and there was our little friend... ready to be held and loved!

our boys...

Monday, March 9, 2009

feather painted birds...

Little bird project #2
Using feathers shalev painted these birdies that i had drawn for him.

and then he decided that he also needed some painting!

and once they were dry... i cut them out and hung them up...

oh and look who came to visit our little nest today!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

little birds nest....

This is the first of our little bird projects that we created this week.

A beautiful birds nest and 2 little eggs.


Although we now live in Israel and will be raising our kids here, I will NEVER let go of Cricket! and i'm determined that ALL my kiddies will know how to play it! When we were last in NZ we brought back with us a few cricket bats, wickets and balls. So now that Shalev is able to hold the bat and throw the ball, we've begun the training! hehe...