Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family day at the Zoo...

Last Shabbat we took a trip to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem. The Kids had a ball! We asked some good friends of ours to join us, so all 10 of us enjoyed a wonderfully warm Saturday together watching animals do tricks, petting goats, enjoying sounds never heard before and climbing in and out of tunnels, oh and we mustn't forget the yummy picnic we had as we sat on the grass next to the donkeys!

Two very happy little boys.

a few handmades...

This week ive been busy getting a few handmade ( including homemade) gifts made for my neices and nephews birthdays. Actually all 5 of their birthdays have come and gone already, but seeing as we havent been north to see them all since then, i still have had time in getting their gifts ready.
This wooden craft/art is reappearing! Yes, im calling it my scrap art. Mainly because i use old pieces of scrap wood and scrapbooking paper.
But here is what came out of the latest piece of scrap wood... it is a gift for my teenage niece. The cards are of course also handmade. And will soon see themselves featured on my other blog:

And then there were the other 5 neices and nephews... who are actually all apart of one family, however their ages range from 3-10. So i was a little puzzled at first as to what handmade gift would cover all those ages and both genders. Then the idea popped into my mind..

"an Ice Cream Sundae kit!!"

I was able to make two sauces, a Hot Chocolate sauce and a Caramel Sauce.

Both worked out really well.

well thats all from me. Just had to share a few bits and bobs from this week. And because i love Crafts and anything handmade so much... i just had to share this with you.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A few cute (and very true) words...

I just wanted to share the sweet and very true words that my 2 1/2 year old son Shalev said tonight.
Shalev came up to me and asked; "Mummy is happy?"
I replied "yes mummy is very happy, are you happy Shalev?"
He replied; "mummy happy, allbody happy"
(allbody means everybody, for those who dont understand my sons sweet english)
These simple words 'mummy happy, allbody happy' brought such a smile to my face but also made me realize just how true that is. As a mother i have come to see so many times that my attitude and how i am feeling have such a HUGE impact on the whole family.. yes on allbody!
I hope that you're day will be filled with joy! And that you'll remember that when you smile and reflect joy in your heart and in your actions you may not be the only one impacted by it.

A little bit of craft..

This was just a plain block of wood that i was using for the kids books. But when my craftiness struck one evening i decided to add a few features to the block by painting it, and then adding a few touches. And yes, a very interesting piece of something came from it! haha.
At least its better than a plain red block.

I LOVE my husband and my boys!

This year we celebrated Valentines Day as a family... and shared our LOVE for one another.

I made these little 'chocolate brownie' hearts for my darling family. I must say; they were yummy!

A Poppy Hill...

My sister Emelia, who is currently volunteering here in Israel over in Migdal, located next to the Galilee, came to visit us last weekend. We hadn't seen her for 6 weeks, and we were all missing her very much!
We had a wonderful weekend with her.
Just before taking her to the bus station we took a trip to a poppy hill. It isnt yet covered in poppies like it will be by next month, but it was still a beautiful little hill.

Our two very exhausted little boys..
For those of you who know Emelia, i want to let you know that she also has a blog sharing about her experiences volunteering.

A place to put yummy food!

Shalev's new placemat. It gets brought out of the cupboard proudly everytime we set the table.
I sealed it with clear sticky paper, so its washable (wipeable) too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today is 4 years since i said "Yes"!!

On this day, 4 years ago, Dave asked me to be his compainon and helper, his wife! It was such a surprise to me, seeing as we weren't even dating! Or in a relationship at all. And yet, i had secretly been waiting and praying for this moment for 10 months. It was such a special moment for both of us. We were in love! (and we're even more in love now.. 4 years later).
I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough!
Here we are 4 years ago sitting where Dave proposed to me.
And below is a photo of us the day after we were engaged.
(yes these photos have been scanned! hence the bad quality).
... and now we are 4 years later, expecting our 3rd child!
(and we havent even been married for 4 years yet!!)

So in celebration of our 'engagement anniversary' we took a trip up to jerusalem (yes, with the kids) to a cafe to drink hot chocolates and eat delicious Apple pie. And the best part of all was sitting at a window seat in a warmly heated cafe with the rain pouring down outside. It couldn't have been a more romantic way to enjoy our day. (well maybe a babysitter would have been one step closer to it being just perfect! haha.)

We didnt even manage to get a photo of just the two of us!! haha