Tuesday, January 19, 2010

no playcorner.. means a lot of imagination!!

We no longer have space for a 'play corner' for the boys, and outside of their own bedroom, they dont really have a space of their own... esp for shalev while Yoav is napping!.... So i've come up with an 'imagiation station' ! We have a empty space against the wall between the dining table and the living room so now we have a fun play place just for the kids!
One week it was a farm... next week its a grocery store!

yes its Shalev and Yoav's favourite corner of the house.

Each week im thinking to rotate a few fun play ideas for them. And as you can see below in the photos we've already had a farm, which shalev and i created while Yoav was sleeping. They played with this for ages!! Its incredible what one piece of cardboard with a few coloured pieces of paper added to it can achieve with these two!

And then... this last week we went for a grocery store. NOW this hit the spot with shalev!! He hasn't stopped playing with it since i first set it up! It did at one point become a restaurant where he pulled out all my recipe books and my bowls and mixers! (oh and some dried pasta and rice i must add).
What a cool corner this has turned out to be! Im quite happy now that we don't have the playcorner, i think this is helping all of us around here use our brains and creativity a bit more!!

These are all empty packages and containers that i keep for the kids, and no the eggs aren't real!

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