Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our friendly chef...

My beloved husband gave me a "thank you" gift this week; "a cooking and natural foods class"...So this afternoon we had an AMAZING cooking workshop in our own home!

A friend of ours is a chef, a fantastic one at that, so we got him over to show us a few of his delicious recipes!he specalizes in Natural Foods, so we were rewarded with many new and fresh ideas on how to use all the different food types, whats good and whats not, what goes with what and so on!

How cool is that!!

So here are a few pics from our afternoon together.. oh and i even captured a few pics of the scrummy food we made!

Oh and as well as these three meals he also taught us how to make completely natural chocolate balls, and also a Scrummy yummy oatmeal breakfast!

I recommend having a friendly chef come to your home too!

father like son...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Displaying the artwork...

Here are just 2 ways i display Shalevs artwork. One is in our 'hallway gallery', and the other is on his 'inspiration wire' (idea from soule mama

This Inspiration wire is made from painted pasta, which Shalev and I had fun doing this winter also, we simply rolled the pasta tubes in paint and then let dry. We made a few neclaces as gifts for his small friends using these coulored pasta's too.

Monday, February 16, 2009

art from the salinger household!

Well as promised here are a few of the arts and crafts Shalev and i have been enjoying this winter. As you would remember our camera died earlier this year so i was unable to capture the creating process itself! but now that we have a new camera here are a few of the projects in all their glory! hehe.

Our popcorn snow paintings!

And this is my sisters winter scene! she joined in on the fun too!

Egg carton CROCODILE!!

Shalev thought this was just great! and he had a lot of fun painting it with mummy!

Masks! These were SO much fun! and still are! (they now pride themselves amongst shalevs dress-up wear)

We found these free printable mask outlines online. So I simply printed them onto coloured paper, shalev did all the decorating, and then my husband took them to work and laminated them for us! (im always amazed at what that laminating can do! everything stayed on perfectly including the feathers and the foam) and now it keeps the glitter from traveling all over the house!)

Shavi the builder!

If its something that he can do with his most favorite daddy then he's in!

Shalev just LOVES helping his daddy!

Shalev and his handprints!

Shalev and I decided to have some more handprint fun! and he SO enjoyed getting his hands messy and all slimy! I haven't got photos yet but i actually turned these handprints into greeting cards, which i then use as thank you cards and so on from Shalev (and us!). I first scan the picture onto the computer, downsize the picture and then print onto white or cream cardstock.
WORKS GREAT! and looks fantastic too!!

I'll post a photo of the handprint cards next time.