Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our little smiler!

HAIRy scary!!

So here are the boys from the 70's...

... yes i was gazing at this photo just a couple of days ago and thought to myself
"oh my! look at my boys hairdoo's!! boy oh boy they need a good chop".
So i went for it and gave them a summer hairdoo! though i have just realised that in the photos they dont look a whole lot different! haha... but actually they are.

new summer hairdo!...


Monday, July 19, 2010

Libelle Jewlery...

My dearest sister in the whole world.. yes my only sister! has just begun putting her talents to jewlery making.. and i think that the necklaces she has produced so far are AH-MAY-ZING and just totally gorgeous!
Here are 2 of her designs thus far (one above, one below).

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I havent posted much about anything lately as i've literally had no time! We've been so busy 'living summer' around here. We've even begun enjoying going to a beautiful swimming pool a few times a week, this has helped us cope with the long hot summer days.

I unfortuntaley don't have many photos of Reuven and all the smiling hes been doing, he is by far our most smiley baby!! he does nothing but giggle, goo goo and smile! He's growing super fast... and at 9 weeks i can now say that he's a solid all night sleeper and has been for over 3 weeks now, what a blessing those extra hours of sleep add to my day. Thank you Lord.

I will endevour to get a few more shots of him this week, and especially a few of him smiling his breath-taking smile!

here's a shot of our super strong baby... (he's been turning over since he was 3 weeks old, and has been lifting his head very high from about 4 weeks... so yes we have another super strong shalev in the family!)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Shalev is 3!

We are so thankful to God for the 3 beautiful years that He has given to Shalev.
He has made it through the 'terrific twos'.

Shalev had a wonderful party! colourful, fun, and happy! just the way it should be at a 3 year old party!! 9 little children came.. (plus 2 babies) and he had a blast!

The helicopter cake! Shalev just LOVES helicopters right now, so a fying cake was just the right thing! it didnt really fly, but the propella's went round!!

Happy birthday big guy!