Friday, January 8, 2010

where is the rain, the hail, the storms, the cold??

Today was a cracker 25 degree day. Tommorrow is forcast to be even warmer with the weekend and beyond only getting hotter!!
And this is our winter!?
We can count the amount of times it has rained this Winter on one hand!
Its a little depressing! Especially seeing as this is the middle of Winter.
I wonder if this drought will ever come to an end.
But not to worry.. we found ways to cool down! The boys took their clothes off and got stuck into painting (water "painting") the outside walls! go boys!! I actually couldnt stay out there very long because it got so hot, but they had a ball!

And then the water painting on the walls became water painting art work time.

What a wonderful Winters day!


Courtney said...

Hi Amy! The apartment looks LOVELY and it's so nice that you have a mirpeset! It's so funny seeing all your things in a new house - especially the boys' room, which looks just the same. I'm so glad you guys are all moved in and happy!

Courtney said...

ps - Also, yes your mom is indeed an artist! I love that painting!