Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 years married...

Thank you Lord for 4 wonderful years!

new craft corner+tidier office+baby in other room= sanity!

My darling husband worked on a major project this weekend... making mummy a new office/ craft corner in the bedroom, thus clearing and sorting out the office area in the lounge (daddys new office space). And all of this was possible because of the other big move- Reuven moving into the big boys room!
So here is Daves hard labour caught on camera so far~
(the craft room pictures are yet to be taken)

Thank you my precious husband for the big move and the huge clean up you did!! I love you.

Our little artist...

Is this not just the coolest airplane painting out??!!

Go my big boy! Shalev you are indeed one clever little artist!

a single word...


oh and super-duper comfortable!!

Handmade Baby #4: Wall Art

It's baby shower time!

I don't know if it feels like this to you also, but to me it seems as though every woman out there is pregnant right now or has just given birth!
it must be the season!
Anyhow, one of these woman is a dear friend of mine, she will be giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in about 4-6 weeks time. We celebrated her baby shower last night and had a real 'girlie' time. The theme was pink and white, something im not too used to around here, but it was a real joy to be amongst something 'girlie' for once!

I was literally rushing out the door while taking these photos so i didnt get to take many shots nor of the party itself as i left my camera behind, but here are just a few of the cupcakes and the cake i put together for this fun little party!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Summer 2010 (so far): part 5

Hosting friends and traveling the Land:

This is a real highlight in the summertime.. being able to host friends and family as they come and travel the Land of Israel. One of these people was a dear friend who came to stay for a week, and during her stay we were able to travel to Jerusalem, Haifa and the Galilee.
It was a blessed time.
I just love this photo of Krystle and I looking towards the Wailing wall in Jerusalem:

Our Summer 2010 (so far): part 4

The boys:

our sweet boys = a lot of fun!
(and laughs and giggles and smiles and mischief )

During the Football World Cup our Shalev became a football pro! and an addict!
He just loves playing soccer and is very good at it too.
And as you can see, he was going for Holland (but only after NZ dropped out!!).

Our Summer 2010 (so far): part 3

Relaxing and chilling... around home.
This is one of the best parts to the summer holidays, the relaxation!

We've all enjoyed eating breakfasts out on the balcony, hosting guests who have come to visit Israel for the summer, watching family movies together indoors on those hot summer afternoons, sitting on the balcony soaking in some sun (and enjoying the cool breeze in the evening), and the boys have very much enjoyed their 'turtle pool' which cools them down on the days that we cant get to the 'big' pool.

These are just a few of the many treasures to the summer that we've been enjoying here.

Our Summer 2010 (so far): part 2

A few summer crafts:
Here are just a few little fun activites we've been doing... more to come!

Our Summer 2010 (so far): part 1

The swimming pool!
How could we have managed this summer without it?? We were blessed with the ability to be able to make a membership at one of the local pools this summer, and what a difference it has made to our hot days!

Daves very first cheesecake!

With the help of his keen little helper Shalev and my sister Emelia, Dave put together this incredibly delicious Orange Cheesecake!

amazing work hun!
not bad for your first time ever at baking!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this is how we fit 3 children into a 9 sq mtr room (in fact its not even 9!).

The boys are all moving in together... meaning #3 is joining his big brothers.
So we've had to be a little creative with working this one out in such a small room! but thanks to Ikea we've found a solution and the boys love their new room and their own little spaces.
Shalev is up the top and Yoav is down below:
Shalevs little space: Baby Reuvens new bed (cot):Underneath the bed: (the ever changing play space)

And here's a little photo frame Shalev and i made yesterday in our 'nap time crafting hour!'

Friday, August 6, 2010

cutting the chain!

We're counting down the days around here by cutting the chain... one ring at a time.

What are we counting down for..? we're counting down the days until Dave begins his new job! Yippee yay!

September the 1st will be a new beginning for us as a family, a step to stability and normality!
This will be a job which will let us have Fridays with our Daddy again thus making our weekend a 2 day weekend every weekend!

Daddy will be home with us every evening at 5pm and not sometimes 10pm, sometimes 7pm sometimes 5pm.

These are just two of the blessings that this new job will provide for our family!
So many more blessings are instore for both Dave and myself, and for the children.
Thank you Lord.

We just need much grace to get us through the 25 days that are left!
We would appreciate your prayers!!