Friday, January 8, 2010

The Living room, and the unfinished office area!

Above this couch we a planning to put up a large mirror of some kind. We have one that used to hang in the kids room, it was Orange! but ive just recently painted it the same colour as the walls. So in good time this wall will no longer be bare.
We almost havent had to buy anything since moving here, just the office area cabinets and other small things. But we feel so blessed to have been able to move in without a lot of extra costs.
Our biggest adventure and new experience now is getting used to Apartment living. We realise that almost every Israeli family has to get used to it at some time or another, but after having been on the ground floor with only family above us, its quite a new adventure. The children also are having to get used to it! But even in these few weeks of being here we are feeling more and more at home as every day goes by! and we're enjoying our neighbours and our surrounds very much!

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