Saturday, April 9, 2011

who stole the cookie?

I just came across these photos that were taken in our old house at the beginning of the year.

I think that this has to be the most classic photo! And it was not set up!!

I came into the kitchen and this was the scene that i was presented with... haha!

so.. who did steal the cookie from the cookie jar??

well sadly i dont have a photo of him holding his prey...

but i found my dear Yoav standing not too far from the scene saying.. "it was yummy".

a few crafts...

This was a simple wooden board, which i painted with blackboard paint and then glued pretty scrapbook paper onto one side. Then using SUPER duper glue i glued the forks in place, and then glued the cute little jug for the chalk. The jug also gives this piece support when needed to stand upright.
Just a few handmade gifts I mangaed to make for my mums birthday. For some reason i dont have photos of all the gifts i was able to make.. but here are 3 for now.

two photos i love from this week...

We're back! boating around..

Yesterday we enjoyed an incredible day at the Park... had a picnic, ate delicious carrot cake, walked in the sunshine, and rode on the sweetest boat ever! all round amazing fun!

A great way to spend a real 'family day'.