Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a long wee while...

Yes indeed, it's been a long wee while since i last posted any updates on our blog here.
This has been mostly due to my low energy levels and my morning sickness which has bothered me for about 10 weeks, but has just this last week begun to subside. And my energy levels are beginning to rise again also.
We are all doing well though. We've had the odd colds and flus that seem to be creeping around at this time of the year, but for the most part we have all been enjoying our Autumn very much.
We have been extremely slack about taking photos these last weeks but we do have a few shots of our October and November events to show you.

As a quick re-cap of October; Yoav turned One on the 12th of October so we celebrated his birthday with friends and family.
and then my sister came... and we so enjoyed having here with us for 2 weeks before she moved over to the Galilee to begin volunteering.
And then my mum came... we also so enjoyed having her with us for 2 weeks!! and then Dad followed suit and came for 1 night before they both departed for NZ for 3 months.
So actually this is my first complete day of being without family and without morning sickness!

Below are are few photos of Yoav on his birthday. (we were so focused on celebrating at the party itself that we barely took any photos... including photos of the birthday boy!!!) but here are a few...

This year i went for a 'jungle themed cake'... and yes i stuck to cupcakes yet again!

It was a lot of fun to make! but a little fiddly.