Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shalevs 2nd Birthday PARTY!!

My cousin April has a son only 3 weeks younger than Shalev, so we decided to join their parties and celebrate together. It was SO much fun!! And the best part was the fact that both boys LOVE trains... so finding an idea for the birthday cake wasn't a tough job.
here are a few pics of the day...
here are the boys, Shalev and Vaan. Shavi is doing a great job of blowing out the candles.

And here are the mummys! yes, me and April. I think we deserved to have a photo with the cake as it did take us a WHOLE afternoon making it!!!

Out and about...

Ive just realized that i havent included many photos of Yoav lately..
so heres one for you... Dave and Shalev went and visited a Calf shed.

This is the beautiful walk around Mt.Maunganui.
It was chilly but well worth it!

Shalevs 2nd birthday with the Great-Grandparents!

Shalev is 2! wow!! Grandma made a delicious roast chicken to celebrate Shalevs 2nd birthday. My brother johnny came and joined us for the evening also.
And yes, shalev just LOVES Pooh bear and Eyeore.

We thank the Lord for the 2 beautiful years He has given to Shalev.

Here we are... In New Zealand.

We can hardly believe that we've been here almost 3 weeks already!
It's been so wonderful catching up with everyone again. The boys have SO enjoyed seeing their great-grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins for the first time!!
Right now I'm limited with time so i wont be able to upload too many photos but here are a few from our first 2 weeks in NZ, which were spent at my Grandparents orchard. They have a beautiful, large property which grows kiwifruit and many other delights. Shalev had a super time running through the lush green grass, picking delicious manderines from the trees, and 'driving' great-grandads tractor!

Shalev with great-grandad

... and here is Yoav with his great-popa and great-nana