Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Handmade Love...

Generally you would walk down to your local craft supply store to buy these kind of letters, but here in Israel i havent (as of yet) seen them anywhere... especially not in English!
So i have had to get a bit crafty (which i love doing anyway!!) and have had to design and make my own. Now that we have moved we no longer have access to saws and wood offcuts like we used to, therefore we have improvised and have come up with our own foam board letters! I say 'WE' because actually i needed Dave's help with these... he's the architect around here and has had plenty of practice cutting through this type of board as he used it for many of his model houses.
We are very happy with the finished result! and it just adds that touch of 'romance' to the room!! My next project is the living room... it will be a bit different, but the word 'family' will be there somewhere.

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