Thursday, February 18, 2010

a few handmades...

This week ive been busy getting a few handmade ( including homemade) gifts made for my neices and nephews birthdays. Actually all 5 of their birthdays have come and gone already, but seeing as we havent been north to see them all since then, i still have had time in getting their gifts ready.
This wooden craft/art is reappearing! Yes, im calling it my scrap art. Mainly because i use old pieces of scrap wood and scrapbooking paper.
But here is what came out of the latest piece of scrap wood... it is a gift for my teenage niece. The cards are of course also handmade. And will soon see themselves featured on my other blog:

And then there were the other 5 neices and nephews... who are actually all apart of one family, however their ages range from 3-10. So i was a little puzzled at first as to what handmade gift would cover all those ages and both genders. Then the idea popped into my mind..

"an Ice Cream Sundae kit!!"

I was able to make two sauces, a Hot Chocolate sauce and a Caramel Sauce.

Both worked out really well.

well thats all from me. Just had to share a few bits and bobs from this week. And because i love Crafts and anything handmade so much... i just had to share this with you.


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