Wednesday, May 13, 2009

spring cleaning the living room!

So heres the living room.. I anyhow keep this room in order most of time and as you see i hardly have a thing in it! I like it this way.
The Boys have their own play corner and thats where the toys stay (at least thats where they should stay).
I took a day before the spring cleaning began to wash and dry each toy from Shalev's playcorner, and i threw all the soft toys into the machine for a good clean too. This saved me doing it during these very busy and hard out cleaning days! I didnt have the camera with me during the time i was sorting through the playcorner or the dining room, but as you can imagine there are fewer toys (and only sparkly and clean ones), cleaner floors and absolutley NO cobwebs in sight!! yippee!
okay, so now for the living room photos.. oh but again, i didnt get a before shot as such. (not that there really was a huge difference.)

my newly invented cleaning trolley.

Before: (actually during)
And here's the famous glass block window.
It took me almost 2 hours to de-mold and wash down.
(not my most favourite feature of the home)

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