Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some art during the spring cleaning...

Here are a few of our Art projects that we have accomplished in between our cleaning.

We now call this the 'wall of frame'. It consists of 12 in-season, around the home and family photos. (as it is now Spring, they are mostly photos showing new life, flowers and all of us having fun in the sunshine!) We plan on changing the photos as the seasons change.

And here's something light, fun and easy to do. Using scrapbook paper i simply cut out circles and framed them.

SimpleMom again inspired me on this one!

And this is the calendar that helps display shalev's art work. I actually came up with the idea because i really dislike the real calendar so in an attempt to cover it, i thought of a brillant way to get two things done at once! display shalev's art and cover up that hideous calendar!

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