Tuesday, May 12, 2009

spring cleaning and update on us...

Hi everyone!
We've been SOO full on over the past few weeks that i havent had time to even think about the blog! We've actually not long been home from being on holiday in Cyprus visiting Mum and Dad and little Sis who are now living there hosting a bed and breakfast.
I have heaps of nice photos to show you, including some fun 50's styled birthday party shots! Right now im in the middle of spring cleaning, im on day 8 of 13! (yes, 13 whole days to declutter, clean, toss out the junk and organize our home) Im pretty weary of it all, but the good feeling of getting each room done one at a time far outweighs the tiredness!
what gave me the inspiration to spring clean my home (other than the sheer need of it) well SimpleMom did. Simple Mom is a wonderful blog/site hosted by a wonderfully inspiring woman named Tsh. Be warned though, she'll have you doing things you never thought possible! and a whole lot more! click here for her blog.

Tommorrow i hope to post a few of my before and after shots of the home so far.. its been quite the cleaning journey i tell you!

Many blessings!

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