Monday, June 2, 2008

Its been ages...

Dont panic! we're still here.. I know its hard to believe; as we have been SO slack in keeping this blog updated lately! But.. nevertheless, we're here and we're now ready for some summer action!

We've been SUPER busy lately with all sorts going on... but i wont bore you with all of that and i certainly wont go dating the photos back to where we last ended.

SO.. now that we're in Summer i can begin posting all our fun summer activities as they occur. To begin with, i'll post a few pics of our picnic that we enjoyed this last Saturday up in Zikron Yaakov. We had a yummy picnic-styled lunch to begin with, and then headed into the beautiful botanic/rose gardens. We had two other couples join us for the afternoon, which meant 3 gorgeous little baby boys too!

Its good to be back on here~ sorry to all you granparents and friends out there who havent 'seen' Shalev in ages (because of our slackness). There will be plenty from now on.


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