Sunday, April 27, 2008

Children's Camp

Dave was asked to teach at one of the Childrens camp's this Passover, so we packed up and went south for a few days to join in the fun with the kiddies at Camp! It was held at the 'Baptist Village', a beautiful location near Tel Aviv, with its hills of green grass and lovely wee orange tree orchards and palm trees to be seen all over... we honestly felt at though we'd landed in a different country! It was A LOT of fun, But i must tell you, it was HOT!!! A Heat wave hit Israel, so the indoors was certainly a refuge to ALL of us!

Anyhow.. Shalev had a fantastic time with all the kids and just loved his first experience in the swimming pool. He sure is a social wee fella!

This is the house we stayed in during our time at camp, it was a lovely home situated on the camp site, and a true refuge during midday heat!

Oh how Shavi LOVED that ice-cream! and boy did he deserve it! It was almost 40 degree's at that point of the day... we were SO thankful for the kiosk!

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