Monday, June 2, 2008

Crafts for the little guys!

Just thought I'd share this fun little activity with all of you mums out there with little guys at home (like my little guy). If your child is at the same stage as mine, he'll not quite be able to draw with crayons without chewing half of the crayon first nor will he be able to paint a painting without sucking on the 'yummy' end of the paintbrush!.. well if this is your child too, but you'd still like your wee one to have some fun playing around with different objects and materials to be able to make a picture.. then this is for you and him!
I am always keen to hear of new and fun ways to entertain (and stimulate) my little guys mind, so if any of you mum's have some great mind stimulating or great learning crafts or games for kiddies under 18months, I'd love to know about them!

So this one is REAL easy, its fun, and they learn a whole bunch of things too!

First of all the best part is getting out and about with your little guy to find the bits and pieces needed for this art.. ie.. leaves, petals, small stones, branches, sand... etc. (actually anything that will stick to the 'sticky paper'.)(even food items, if the weathers not so good outside).

Then the 2nd part to this is getting yourself some 'sticky paper', i am actually right now having a mind blank as to what this stuff is really called, but hopefully by the photo you'll be able to know what im talking about.

So... cut a good length of this sticky paper, and remove the backing (this will reveal the sticky side), now cellotape it to the floor. (or if you are in NZ and have carpeted floors, either do this in the kitchen on the lino, or on a table top).

Now the fun begins... get your little guy to first put his hands on the paper (and he will soon realise what 'sticky' means.) and even his feet just to be able to feel what its like. And then begin creating your art poster with him. Get him to place all of his findings on the paper, sticking them on real well!

I also like to let him add glitter and sand and anything else with that sort of texture! It sticks real well, and wif your going to be displaying his finished piece of art work on the window (which works great for this particular art) then glitter is a must!
And thats it really! SO enjoy this simple wee craft with your little one! and have showing it off to all your visitors too! (im sorry I dont have a photo to show of the finished result, but thats due to my terrible camera! (most things will stick to the paper, even if you hang it on the wall, or against the window, but obviously the stones and other heavy objects may not last.)

Blessings... Amy

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