Sunday, April 27, 2008


Wow, it's certainly been a while since we last posted, we've been SUPER busy with Passover, Childrens Camp and of course not to mention all the busy day to day stuff involved in being parents, so we've been a little out of touch for the last few weeks, however here we are, and even with a few photos to share.
So here we are at our family Passover meal.
It was a very special meal, which we were able to celebrate with family and friends (including our wonderful friends whom we met at our pre-birth classes), and also May's family and her Grandma from South Africa. However we were VERY sorry to not have the 'Upstairs Salingers' celebrate with us this year, as they were fighting a few nasty sicknessess. Praise the Lord they have all recovered well!

Dave led the Seder, which was very special.

and.. Roast Beef & Roast Lamb were on the menu for the evening!


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