Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this is how we fit 3 children into a 9 sq mtr room (in fact its not even 9!).

The boys are all moving in together... meaning #3 is joining his big brothers.
So we've had to be a little creative with working this one out in such a small room! but thanks to Ikea we've found a solution and the boys love their new room and their own little spaces.
Shalev is up the top and Yoav is down below:
Shalevs little space: Baby Reuvens new bed (cot):Underneath the bed: (the ever changing play space)

And here's a little photo frame Shalev and i made yesterday in our 'nap time crafting hour!'

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Nicki Van Dyke said...

Yay for IKEA! That is how Beckie and I lived together in one room in college...with IKEA furniture. They sure know how to make use of small spaces. I love how colorful their room is. I bet they love playing in there.