Friday, August 6, 2010

cutting the chain!

We're counting down the days around here by cutting the chain... one ring at a time.

What are we counting down for..? we're counting down the days until Dave begins his new job! Yippee yay!

September the 1st will be a new beginning for us as a family, a step to stability and normality!
This will be a job which will let us have Fridays with our Daddy again thus making our weekend a 2 day weekend every weekend!

Daddy will be home with us every evening at 5pm and not sometimes 10pm, sometimes 7pm sometimes 5pm.

These are just two of the blessings that this new job will provide for our family!
So many more blessings are instore for both Dave and myself, and for the children.
Thank you Lord.

We just need much grace to get us through the 25 days that are left!
We would appreciate your prayers!!

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Courtney said...

Amy and David, I'm so happy for you! It will be so wonderful to have David home at night! Congratulations on the new job, David!