Friday, March 6, 2009

Purim Party!!

Today we hosted a small purim party!

For shalev it was his 2nd Purim and Yoav's first. This year Shalev dressed up as a fireman (a very handsome one!) and Yoav as a panda bear (a very cute one!). Shalev and Yoav had 3 little friends come to the party. Graham, our dear little 17 month old friend, came dressed in fine chinaman clothing. He Looked the part!! And Gefen, our 9 month old friend, came as minnie mouse (though the head piece didnt stay on for long!!) And Or, our 10 month old friend, came as Or.
We so enjoyed celebrating Purim with our dear little friends, and their mummies and daddies too! Thanks guys for making it a special day! And thanks for the delicious Hamentachen cookies! (the traditional purim cookies) (which i didnt get any photos of!!).

Enjoy having a wee look at our Purim party fun....

here's shalev scoffing down a hamentachen cookie!! (that was the first of almost 8 to follow!!) ("parties like these only happen once a year" i need to remind myself!)...
and whats a party without bubbles..musical chairs (cushions)...and a juggler!oh... and take-home party bags! with your very own bubble mixture!!

Yes, i was busy the day before the party... but i enjoyed EVERY minute of it!! I just hope Shalev and Yoav enjoyed it as much as we did!

Happy Purim!!

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