Sunday, March 22, 2009

a few more spring crafts!

One afternoon while the kids were down sleeping i got into a very craftie mood, so after a short time of thinking and putting together a small idea in my head, i came up with these iceblock stick coasters! Simply material and iceblock sticks. They're super as gifts!!

...and this is my new teapot! I was in a desperate need of a teapot, and so i went looking. I found this cute one for 40 shekles ($10) at one of the stores in town. I just Love it! And also featured beside my teapot is my newly painted lamp (which was a terrible red colour previously) (yes a cheap makeover) and my bargain tea chest (teapot is sitting on it) which i brought home and painted up! Because i spend so much time in the kitchen i SO enjoy the fun of making it beautiful and practical.
(and i LOVE re-purposing and cheap make-overs!!)My boys and the tea party! Spring Israeli wild flowers!
Simply beautiful!

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