Friday, June 10, 2011

Reuven's surgery..

How can we THANK YOU enough for your prayers, care, love and support during the surgery of our little Reuven. The surgery itself went very well, he was a brave wee boy!!
The whole procedure of the surgery ended up being about 4 hours, which was expected, and the surgeons were very happy with the result! We wont be able to see his fingers nor the toes for another 10-14 days, until then he cannot have the bandage removed in any way.
On the foot they were able to remove the 6th toe (which sat tucked between the 4th and 5th toe) but had to re-join the 4th and 5th toes as the surgeon did not like the idea of having to do a skin graft for such an unnecessary area of the body. He prefers not to take good skin from the body just for this area seeing as he will have more skin grafts to come in the following surgeries. Later in Reuvens life we can have these toes seperated but even this the surgeon felt was unnecessary seeing as hes a boy and is hardly going to care about those 2 toes!! (well, we'll have to wait to see what Reuven has to say about that as the years go on!)
Regarding the fingers, all went well also. The surgeon was able to seperate the little and ring fingers easily (though it did take 3 hours or so!!) and was able to use a good amount of Reuvens finger skin to close the seperation, therefore only needed a small skin graft from the abdomen. We are so happy about this! The surgeon mentioned that we are only at the beginning of a 'journey' here, and even with the little finger we may expect another surgery depending on its individual function and ability

It was an emotional morning for us, arriving at the hospital, taking him down to the sugery room, dressing him in his hospital gown, having him fasting from food since the night before and from drink for 2 hours prior, seeing all the doctors and nurses checking him, having the surgery delayed by about an hour and a half.... and THEN the Lord in His GOODNESS brought to us two wonderful Medical clowns!!! I had never thought much of these clowns before, but i tell you, they helped our dear Reuven get through the really hard last hour before going into the operating room. Two women, in the mid-40's, dressed up in bright dresses wearing red noses.. wow, how they brightened the day of Reuven! we have actually never heard him laugh so hard. It was such a comfort to my heart as i saw my baby laughing and smiling amidst all the scaryness of the hospital. And then it was time. And as he was taken away, he lifted his little hand with the joined fingers and waved goodbye to me smiling as he went. Even as i write this it brings tears to my eyes, it was one of the most precious moments in my life.

Dave was able to go into the operating room with him as they put him to sleep, and then soon after had to return to wait in the waiting room with me. It was a long wait. Seemed like forever... then they announced that he was out and all had gone well. PRAISE THE LORD!!
The waking up process wasn't easy to watch as he came in and out of a deep sleep, but truly the Lord was gracious, he barely cried that first day more than a few wimpers. He has been uncomfortable at times due to the pain of the 3 wounds, but has literally smiled almost the whole way through. We thank the Lord for the beautiful character that He has given to Reuven, truly a gift of happiness.

The challange was bringing him home and not being able to let him stand on his foot for 2 days. A big challenge for this active guy!! But we've made it through those first 2 days.. and now our challange is keeping Reuven from jumping off the high places he manages to get himself onto. His brothers have been AMAZING with him!! very understanding, and very compassionate. Shalev especially has been so good about giving alot of TLC. Yoav is good but still learning.

We KNOW that the Lord has answered your many prayers!! Thank you for lifting us before Him. Thank you for your words of love and comfort. Its never easy seeing such a young child go through such a big thing, but we are daily encouraged by the fact that in even the smallest of details the Lord takes care of us, and we can truly say that we have TASTED and SEEN that the LORD IS GOOD!
Thank you dear ones.

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Courrtney said...

Dear Amy,
What a challenging time for you! You were all so brave! It sounds like little Reuven came through wonderfully! Wow, so awesome of the hospital to send in the clowns. How perfect. I hope Reuven is continuing to mend - it sounds like he's managing to get around just fine with his bandages!

I wish we were there so Graham and Maizie could play with your boys! We miss you!