Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shalevs art class:canvas painting.. lines and shapes

This school year I have begun teaching the kids some basic skills in cooking, art, and music.. as well as the basics in recognizing letters and numbers, counting, shapes and colours, etc..

I dont usually take photos of their 'schooling hour' but their art 'classes' have been so much fun that I've so enjoyed capturing these shots for the kids to see and rememeber their works of art and their progess. Below Shalev is learning about colours, lines (keeping within the lines) and making patterns with lines. He had a lot of fun doing this one.
Nana and Popa bought these fun little 'garden foam stickers' for the kids.. here is what shalev did with them...
Autumn has arrived in the hallway! The kids have been filling it with the fresh feeling (and smell) of Autumn.

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