Thursday, December 31, 2009

we have moved!!! (hence the lack of blogging)

Yes indeed we have MOVED!! We're still here in Israel, but we've moved down the country a little. We dont feel to post the name of the city/town onto the blog as our blog can be viewed by ALL, but to those of you who know us personally (and we know you) please feel free to drop us an email and we'll be happy to inform you of our new loctation! (just incase you're wanting to drop by!!! and PLEASE DO!!)
Its been a VERY busy last few weeks for us. It all happened very suddenly that Dave was promoted and re-located. Therefore so were we!
We are very very happy in our new home and area. We dont have a garden anymore, but we do have a lovely (good-sized) balcony and a gorgeous park and playground just below us. We feel very blessed. And even though we are still only renting our new land-lord allowed us to paint the whole house what ever colours we chose and he would pay for it. So we are now in a freshly painted home, with sunlight galore and a very new feeling about it. Actually thats the other bonus, our apartment in only 4 years old! so im not fighting mold and maintance problems (yet!!).
I just wanted to send through this quick update on our last few hectic weeks... just to re-assure you all that we are all still well and healthy!. And indeed we are looking forward to this New year. Its now only a matter of hours away.
I will post a few photos of our new house tonight (or over the weekend). Until then have a REAL celebration tonight, tomorrow or whenever you'll be celebrating the welcoming of 2010!
Many blessings!
Amy (for the whole family)

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martyh said...

We've missed your blogs. Glad the shift has gone well and you have a great new place.
Congratulations on your promotion Dave.
May this year bring much peace and joy through His presence in your lives and in your family.
Much love,
Marty & Merrie