Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Shavuot!

Yes, i do realize that im a week late in getting this posted on here, but this past week we've had a rather sick Shalev to take care of and honestly Blogging has been the last thing on my mind!
But here i am... with last weekends adventures! Our Shavuot meal... bread, cheese and the fruits of the land!(and chicken)
On the day of Shavuot (Feast of weeks) we traveled north with some dear friends to a Kibbutz which has a friendly-sized animal park.
here is shalev feeding the goatsMummy with the rabbits!Daddy with Yoav and Shmuel

The kids all made their own Labane (with a little help of course)
and then we were given dough to flatten out
and then it was cooked. We then ate the Labane with the Pita.

For those of you who dont know... Shavuot is known for its dairy products and cheesecakes are a famous treat for this occasion. So this year instead of making a cheesecake i made cheesecups! (yes im always willing to try new things!)
and yes, they were delicious!

On the evening of Shavuot we then went down the road to a beautiful Kibbutz called Mishmar HaEmek. We were invited by good friends of ours who live there. They put together a wonderful show and display of harvest, new fruits, tractors, horses, dancing, music and plenty more. It was a lot of fun!!

have a great week!!

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