Friday, April 10, 2009

Pesach (Passover)

Hag Sameach!!
Yes, its that time of year again, its Passover!

Dave and I decided to have a very special but very low-key one this year. We enjoyed a wonderful evening just Dave, the boys and I.
We cooked a no-fuss menu and enjoyed a simple four course meal. We had many laughs!(Shalev has the FUNNIEST sense of humour!! he has us in fits of laughter nowadays.) and just had a cool time being together as a family.
here are a few photos of our Passover evening...

I made these placecards using real matza and simply glued them together using a glue gun.

Our First Course was a light kumara (sweet potato) soup.

Shalev just LOVED the Charoset that Dave cooked up! He ate it literally by the spoonful!!

I prepared a Corriander/tomato/ fish dish for the main. Alongside Couscous. (and a few plates of roasted and caramlized veges)

Shalev thoroughly enjoying himself!!

Searching for and finding the hidden Matza.
A little something that is traditionally done by the children on Passover.

Very proud of his big find!

We bought shalev a couple of small gifts to open, this was one of them, a pack of wild animals.

Here are the famous Coconut Macaroons!
Because there is to be no leven used during the passover these macaroons are a very popular dessert and treat.
Shalev just couldn't wait to get that last chocolate coated strawberry into his mouth!

Kids have HUGE eye's i tell you!!
So Happy Holidays to all of you celebrating and remebering the passing over this year.

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