Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our friendly chef...

My beloved husband gave me a "thank you" gift this week; "a cooking and natural foods class"...So this afternoon we had an AMAZING cooking workshop in our own home!

A friend of ours is a chef, a fantastic one at that, so we got him over to show us a few of his delicious recipes!he specalizes in Natural Foods, so we were rewarded with many new and fresh ideas on how to use all the different food types, whats good and whats not, what goes with what and so on!

How cool is that!!

So here are a few pics from our afternoon together.. oh and i even captured a few pics of the scrummy food we made!

Oh and as well as these three meals he also taught us how to make completely natural chocolate balls, and also a Scrummy yummy oatmeal breakfast!

I recommend having a friendly chef come to your home too!

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